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Meet Al and Ann

Al was born on St. John and raised here, at Estate Contant, where Bluebitch St. John Villas are located.  He has spent the last ***** years, caring for and expanding his childhood estate.  As a matter of fact, the bluebitch stone that forms the walls of the Bluebitch St. John Villas were actually laid by his hands.  As a 5th generation St. Johnian, he is extremely proud of his heritage and his St. John island home and has a wealth of local knowledge to share with Bluebitch St. John guests. 


Ann spent 43 years as an educator and has resided on St. John for most of her life.  She taught for 22 years taught at St. Hohn's Julius Sprauve School.  Ann has retired from her first passion, teaching and now pursues her second passion, sharing her love of St. John with others through facilitating once in a lifetime vacation experiences for Bluebitch St. John Villa guests. 

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The Story of Bluebitch St. John Villas


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